Certified products list

This list contains valid product conformity certificates issued by SIET. A search will give a customer's certificate information, verifying that the product is certified by SIET, according to which standard, etc.

The results provided below will tell you the number of entries found. If too much information are listed, please define the query to be more exact e.g. include both company name and certificate number or choose a different certificate status.

If the product / company you are searching for does not show up:

  • The initial certification process could still be ongoing; a certificate has yet to be issued.
  • The re-certification could still be ongoing; the validity of the certificate still being under technical verification.
  • The certificate could be suspended, replaced (by a revised version) or withdrawn.

Please take note that the registry is not updated in real time. The date of the last update is shown in the footer of this page.

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