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Thermostatic valve

The task of the thermostatic valve is to provide the heat supply in order to keep the temperature of a room to a preset value.

Backflow preventer

The backflow preventer is a device which is intended to prevent possible contamination of potable water.

Quality and Impartiality

The Quality Policy of SIET as Certification Body and the Objectives and commitment to Quality are herewith described.

Impartiality Safeguarding Committee

The independence and impartiality of SIET S.p.A. is guaranteed by the constitution of a Committee for Safeguarding of Impartiality, representative of stakeholdeā€¦

Certified products list

Here you will find all information about the valid SIET certifications and registrations.

TRV Technical Data

Here you will find the Technical data according to UNI EN 215: 2007 for the Thermostatic Radiator Valves certified by SIET SpA.

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SIET operates as Product Certification Body through inspections at the Licensee premises and laboratory tests on sampled products.