Calibration Laboratory

The SIET metrological laboratory holds accreditation ISO/IEC 17025 for measurements of temperature and pressure and is a qualified supplier at the Italian Public Administration e-Marketplace (MePA)

Calibration certificates and reports can be downloaded anytime from your personal area. Please register in AREA UTENTI of the website (upper right corner).

On site service is available to provide calibration reports on instruments which can not be moved or shipped easily.

SIET also provides calibration services for the followings:


Calibration of thermocouples, RTD, thermometrical chains


Calibration of barometers, manometers, transducers and transmitters

Flow Rate

Calibration of Orifices, Nozzles, Venturi meters, Magnetic flow meters, Turbines, Vortex,Pitot pipes

Electric Quantities

Calibration of Amperometers, Wattmeters, Voltmeters, Frequency meters, Resistors, Volt ohm milliamperometers

Dimensions & Angles

Calibration of Meters, Gauge block set, Rings, Levels, Squares, Comparators, Altimeters, Gauges Micrometers , Bore meters, Goniometers

Mass / Volume

Calibration of Masses, Balances, Pipettes


Calibration of Chronometers, Timers, Clocks

Force / torque

Calibration of Load cells, Torque wrenches, Dynamometers, Torquemeters


Calibration of Revolution counters, Tachymeters, Anemometers


Calibration of Sound level meters, Acoustic calibrators


Calibration of Hygrometers, Thermohygrometers, Psychrometers

Other instruments

Collaboration of partner Laboratories

Contractual Documents

General terms and conditions for the calibration services