Research and Development

SIET is a world leader in the tests for the research and development of innovative components and systems for power production in particular of nuclear origin.

Testing lab

SIET provides the industry's thirty years of experience in the execution of tests for the development, testing, qualification and certification of mechanical components.

Products Certification

SIET operates as Product Certification Body through inspections at the Licensee premises and laboratory tests on sampled products.

Metrology and Calibration

The SIET metrological laboratory holds accreditation ISO/IEC 17025 for measurements of temperature and pressure, also provides calibration services for other types of instrumentation.

Engineering and Training

SIET provides companies with the technical and scientific skills developed over the years.


ISO 27001 - Accreditation as a certification body for inform…

SIET obtains accreditation as a certification body for information security management systems, ISMS. The reference standard is the ISO / IEC 27001.

July 2nd 2019 – Horizon 2020 - PIACE

SIET has been granted as a beneficiary in the PIACE project: Passive Isolation Condenser.

July 2nd 2019 – Horizon 2020 - ELSMOR

SIET has been granted as a beneficiary in the ELSMOR project: Towards European Licensing of Small Modular Reactors.

27th July 2018 - Renewal of ISO 9001:2015 Certification

The ISO 9001 certification obtained by SIET, in 2009, was recently renewed, following an audit carried out by Bureau Veritas. The renewal of the ISO 9001 in its last version has come about as the result of the quality approach initiated since SIET creation.

May 13th-18th 2018 - BEPU 2018: Best Estimate Plus Uncertain…

Experimental characterization of a water level detector.

April 27th 2018 - The 4th India Nuclear Industry Congress

The 4th India Nuclear Industry Congress in Mumbai on April 26th and 27th to discuss Policy Updates, International Agreements, Nuclear Partnerships, Nuclear Liability, Projects Updates, Reactor Technologies, Supply Chain and Fuel Cycle.

CEN CCC3 Inspection Bodies Working Group Meeting

On April 12th, 2018 the 29th CEN CCC3 Inspection Bodies Working Group Meeting has been held in SIET. It is the annual meeting of the inspectors of the accredited European Bodies that work for the issue of the Keymark Certification of thermostatic radiator valves.

Tecnimont, advanced experimental plant in SIET

Tecnimont assigned to SIET the detailed engineering, manufacturing and assembly of a pilot plant in laboratory scale. The plant is aimed to separate methane from acid gases as carbon dioxide.

What we do

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