Research and Development

SIET is a world leader in the tests for the research and development of innovative components and systems for power production in particular of nuclear origin.

Testing lab

SIET provides the industry's thirty years of experience in the execution of tests for the development, testing, qualification and certification of mechanical components.


SIET operates as Product Certification Body through inspections at the Licensee premises and laboratory tests on sampled products.

Metrology and Calibration

The SIET metrological laboratory holds accreditation ISO/IEC 17025 for measurements of temperature and pressure, also provides calibration services for other types of instrumentation.

Engineering and Training

SIET provides companies with the technical and scientific skills developed over the years.


December 15th, 2023 - ELSMOR European Project: Paper

Paper 6672504 was published: Experimental Results on an Innovative Decay Heat Removal System Based on a Plate-Type Heat Exchanger.

SIET at the WNE - World Nuclear Exhibition

WNE World Nuclear Exhibition from 28 to 30 November 2023 at Paris Nord Villepinte Parc des Expositions.

European project PASTELS: representatives visit SIET company

A visit to SIET from the representatives of the organizations participating in project PASTELS (2020 - 2024) was organized on May 11th.

Safety - Lessons Learned

SIET has established a register to share with customers, suppliers and subcontractors the experience and lessons learned from accidents, incidents, near-accidents and dangerous behaviour, with particular attention to increasing the safety culture, to maximize prevention.

Horizon 2020 ELSMOR Project

SIET participated to the 3rd annual meeting of the Horizon 2020 ELSMOR project in Cadarache (France).


SIET participated as a speaker to the Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform FORUM.

The new standard EN 215:2019

The innovations introduced in the standard, the modalities of adaptation and the transition period.

SIET at IAEA General Conference

SIET invited at the Scientific forum in conjunction with IAEA 2019 General Conference in Wien.

What we do

Transparent Administration