Facility main features

Facility main features

The location of the SIET labs, inside an operating power station, allows us to exploit energy and fluids to perform tests in the real operating conditions of the components being tested.

The facilities have the following characteristics:

8 kg/s, 10 MPa, 500 °C

high pressure: 200 kg/s, 16 MPa, 300 °C
low pressure: 250 kg/s, 2 MPa, 25°C

high pressure: 0.15 kg/s, 10 MPa
low pressure: 1 kg/s, 0.5 MPa

high pressure: 0.01 m3/s , 10 MPa
low pressure: 0.15 m3/s, 0.7 MPa

Electric power
AC: 9 MW
DC: 6.5 MW

The above data are indicative; the details of specific testing facility are available in the right menu. Any different test condition can be discussed and agreed.

The testing rigs are listed below. Description includes their main characteristics.