Safety - Lessons Learned

It is undisputed that learning from accidents is an essential and important part of controlling major accidents. It is in particular an essential component in the prevention of future accidents, as new, hidden or undervalued potential causes are revealed, not only for those with first-hand experience.

Provided that the lessons learned are properly disseminated, all involved parties should in theory be able to avoid similar incidents.

SIET has therefore established a register to share with customers, suppliers and subcontractors the experience and lessons learned from accidents, incidents, near-accidents and dangerous behaviour, with particular attention to increasing the safety culture, to maximize prevention.

This tool is based on the web for the public sharing of the results of the analysis, and therefore of the lessons learned for preventive purposes (made anonymous and contextualized only to a sector or a type of operation, thus ensuring the protection of sensitive data).

Lessons Learned Register

SIET Lessons Learned Register