Testing Laboratory

SIET provides the industries with its thirty years expertise in the field of testing for the development, qualification and certification of mechanical components:

Industrial Valves

SIET is specialized in testing of all sorts of valves for industrial plants, heating, conditioning and cooling systems.

Backflow Preventers

SIET S.p.A. is the only Italian laboratory authorized to perform tests on backflow preventers for licensing and granting of UNI conformity mark.

Thermostatic Valves

Thermostatic valves are used to control the heating systems in accordance with the objectives of energy saving.

Heat Exchangers

SIET can carry out tests on the following types of heat exchangers: water/water, water/steam, air/water, air/oil


SIET performs tests to assess the following characteristic curves: head-flow rate, power-flow rate, efficiency-flow rate

Piping / Pipe fittings

The hot and cold conditions attainable by our experimental plants allow us, in most cases, to carry out the tests in the real operating conditions of the compon…

Sealing Systems

SIET can carry out hot or cold leakage tests on gaskets of any material and size. Thanks to our experimental plants, the test conditions are those of the real o…

Automotive Components

Our experimental facilities allow for tests on automotive components in a wide range of operating conditions.

Detectors Of Refrigerants

SIET laboratory can test leak detectors the halogenated refrigerants.

Other Components

The versatility and features of the experimental facilities along with the skills of highly specialized personnel allow SIET to meet the requirements relating t…

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General terms and conditions for the testing activities of SIET SpA laboratories

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